The best part about owning your own home is that you can decorate it however you want. Seriously, you can make every room a different color because that's your vision.

However, the key is that you and your guests are comfortable. Where do you plan on entertaining the most? Probably the living room, so a corner sofa is perfect for lounging and here's why!

Know the Room Size

Measure, measure, measure! A full-size sofa might not fit, so you should know the square footage of the living room. Remember, a room always looks bigger when it is empty. Once you started adding little things, space gets tighter and tighter.

Do you want the sofa near the window for natural light? Or in the middle of the room? Play around with the idea before the deliveryman drops off the sofa.

Choose the Right Layout

Who knew they were so many choices? An important consideration is knowing the corner sofa layout. There's L-shaped, U-shaped, Chaise, and Pit.

Each depends on how much space you have and how big you want to go with the sofa. Additionally, there's leather upholstery and fabric choices. Know which one is better for you and how to clean it properly.

A Corner Sofa Is Super Flexible

Did you know that the sofa can accommodate at least 5-7 people? That way, everyone can either sit or stretch out as much as they want.

If you have a matching footstool, you can move it around as needed during movie nights. You'll be catching yourself sleeping more on the sofa rather than in your own bed!

There's a Variety of Colors

Some people are adamant about making the furniture, carpet and drapes all match. Rather than going for something simple, why not go all out? So you like the orange or dark blue corner sofa, so what? YOLO!

Think About the Guests

Do you plan on hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas? Then you're going to have to think about a corner sofa that has a pull-out bed.

Or, what about the ones that almost wrap around an entire living room? If you're not much into hosting, that's ok, there's plenty of smaller options just for you and the pets. Just know your price range because some can run in the thousands!

Backless Sofas Are In

What's the point of a sofa if you can't lay back on it? Believe it or not, backless sofas are popular in open spaces. People don't necessarily position them against a wall, but in the middle of a room.

A backless sofa can take up space, but it can be used for seating on both sides. It can also be used as a divider between two seating areas if your home is big enough. Add a small side table to each side of the backless sofa and you've got a party.

How We Can Help

If you thought picking out a home was hard, picking out the furniture is harder. That's why we're here to help. Contact us today and we'll help get you started on planning your dream home.

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