Are you feeling lazy at work? There are several factors that contribute to lack of productivity. But did you know your office d?cor also determines your productivity?

Certain aspects of office layout and d?cor choices can affect your work production.

While certain colors and designs are attractive, they may force you to become distracted. Certain colors also convey specific emotions which could interfere with the job.

But don't stare at your vase during the afternoon slump. Spice up your office to boost your productivity. If you want to kiss your work laziness goodbye, here are 5 important office d?cor tips.

1. Increase the Lighting

When the room is dark, you feel fatigued and lazy. But when the room is brightly lit, you feel energized. Do what you can to increase the light in your office. You can install a new lamp or fix your overhead lights.

For a better-boosted attitude, work near the sun. Spend your days working outdoors or work next to a large window.

2. Take a Minimalist Approach

Loud colors and crazy design can throw off your concentration. Minimalist d?cor is trending -- for a good reason. In the office, you're not distracted by the crazy office environment.

You feel laid back but focused, and ready to tackle your assignments.

To make your office space more inviting, don't clutter your desk. Only use necessary materials you need to work.

3. If You Use Colors, Choose the Right Ones

Are you just too creative for the minimalist look? You can definitely spice up your office with color. But certain colors convey different emotions. Choose colors to help you feel inspired, focused, and overall happy.

These colors include blue, yellow, and green. Blue is important because it's stimulating. For art industry jobs, yellow enhances creativity. For low-stress management, green is relaxing.

4. Add a Little Scent

Scents offer more than just a pleasant office smell. When it comes to d?cor, pay attention to all of your senses. Your nose is a very important one. Scents stimulate your senses, forcing an increase in your concentration levels.

Like colors, certain scents activate your concentration better than others. Great examples include peppermint and citrus.

5. Last But Not Least -- Plants!

If gardening is your hobby, then you're in luck. Our ancestors lived outdoors amongst nature. Even in our modern age, we have a little Neanderthal in us. To root back to our primitive days, add some greenery to your office scenery.

If you don't have a green thumb, pre-grown plants and even fake plants will do the trick.

Use Office D?cor for the Best Work Production

It's normal to have that mid-day snooze fest. But you have to admit, it seriously ruins your productivity. But these d?cor tips can be the very thing to drive your best work.

Staying organized with the right materials is key when achieving the best office environment. If you can't afford fancy d?cor, use these tips to achieve a better workspace.

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