Know Your Couch

There should be a tag attached to your couch that will indicate the cleaning method. This is important because it will alter the advice needed for properly cleaning it. The tag is usually sewn into the underside of the seat.

Here are the indicators that should be on the tag:

  • W = Wet/water cleaning only
  • S = Dry solvent cleaning only
  • SW = Dry solvent and/or wet cleaning
  • X = Professional cleaning or vacuuming only

Some sofas will not use these codes, but will instead have more detailed cleaning instructions. And if your sofa is made of polyester or linen, you should avoid using steam cleaners.

Dry Solvent Cleaning

You can purchase dry solvent at home improvement or hardware stores. Be sure to read the instructions before starting to clean and always do this in a well-ventilated area.

It's best to use a stiff-bristled upholstery brush to remove dirt and stains.

If your sofa requires dry solvent cleaning, you will not be able to use a steam cleaner on it. However, to remove dust and loose dirt, you could use a vacuum.

Wet Cleaning Sofas

This is the easiest and most common method for cleaning a sofa. Before purchasing home furniture, it's best to ensure that it can be cleaned this way.

This cleaning method uses the most common brands of cleaning solutions that can be found at a grocery store. The typical cleaning products are foaming or spray upholstery cleaners. Of course, not all of these cleaning products are equal and you should check reviews to see which is best for you.

Just as with the dry solvent, you should use a stiff-bristled upholstery brush.

As an alternative, you could use an upholstery cleaning machine for these types of sofas. These can make cleaning your couch easier.

Cleaning Microfiber

Microfiber sofas are a special case for cleaning. You cannot use water and should avoid wet cleaning products. If you use soap and water to clean it, you will end up making your furniture look even worse.

The easiest way to clean microfiber is to put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray only on the affected area. Then use a clean cloth to blot and gently rub the stain.

After cleaning, your sofa might feel a little stiff. To make it more comfortable again, you can use a clean, soft scrub brush to gently rub the upholstery and return it to its original softness.

Cleaning Leather

Leather sofas require their own cleaning method and some people prefer to hire professionals to do the work. The cleaning method will depend on the type of leather and the type of stain you're trying to remove.

You should purchase a cleaner specifically made for leather and test it on a small area to ensure it doesn't make things worse. And always dry the cleaned area with a towel to avoid drying out the leather.

Keep Your Furniture Clean

The best way to clean your furniture is to make sure it doesn't get dirty. But that's unrealistic. It's better to know how to clean your sofa when needed.

If you're unsure about what type of sofa you should buy to minimize cleaning, contact us and we'll help you decide.

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