Coffee tables have a multitude of uses in the home, which means they often end up holding everything from mail to TV remotes to, yes, coffee cups. However, the coffee table is really the focal centre of your living room or den. With a little attention to coffee table decor, you can set the tone for the entire room and really impress your guests!

Here are five ways you can make your coffee table decor pop.

1. Carefully Chosen Books

Don't just dump the latest bodice-ripper you are reading on your coffee table. If you are trying to make a design statement, choose literature which meshes with your overall look and aesthetic.

For example, what if you have framed a beautiful Georgia O'Keefe print and hung it over your fireplace? Select a biography of this great artist or a large glossy book on Southwestern art and culture, and set these volumes on your coffee table.

You can bring all the elements of your home together with well-chosen coffee table decor.

2. Freshly Cut Flowers

Freshly cut flowers in a striking vase may be the only element of coffee table decor you need to bring a touch of class and colour to your living room.

You don't need to spend a fortune, either: you may be able to bring in blooms from your own garden. The different flora available through the seasons allow you to refresh your look every week, every time you refresh your bouquet.

Depending on your personal style, you can choose a vase that further enhances your decorative approach. If you prefer a fancy look, you can arrange the bouquet in a cut glass or crystal container. If you like a more homey style, you can arrange flowers in a mason jar or a distressed watering can.

3. Unusual Colours

One of the biggest trends in living room decor this year is colour. No more plain white or grey: many interior designers are recommending bold shades of green and orange!

You may be reluctant to paint a whole wall chartreuse or purchase a purple sofa. But adding a splash of colour with a brightly painted coffee table is a safe way to embrace the trend without going too far.

You can even throw a patterned shawl or some pastel scarves over your coffee table on special occasions for that extra pop of colour.

4. Tuffets or Pouffes

Many families will find themselves using their coffee tables as dinner tables as they gather in front of the television. Sometimes it is just easier and more relaxed. Even company may cluster around the coffee table for an intimate tete a tete or a game of chess in front of the fire.

Tuffets are fun, puffy stools that sit low to the ground. You can add a whole new dimension to your decor by placing a few colourful tuffets around the coffee table. Guests will either rest their feet on them or use them for casual seating, close to the tasty hors-d'oeuvres.

5. Secret Storage

Some of today's most stylish coffee tables combine utility and taste. They become practical objects when they include storage space: shelves or bins underneath the table top to store toys, video games or books.

Some styles of coffee tables are ottomans which have a sturdy yet cushioned top which hinges open for valuable storage space. When guests drop by unexpectedly, you will be able to sweep the clutter not under the rug but right into the table!

Coffee Table Decor- For Style and Comfort

By creating a halo of hominess around your coffee table, you invite your guests to gather round and enjoy your hospitality. For more ideas on how to heighten the use and appeal of all of your furnishings, check out our blog.

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