Every day, we consume nearly 55 million cups of coffee.

It's no wonder that coffee tables are a design essential to every living situation, from a large home to a modest flat.

But they are more than just a convenient surface to store your favourite beverage on.

The coffee table is a dynamic piece of furniture with many practical uses that can add style and convenience to your home.

Read below to discover 5 of our favourites.

1. Magazine Rack

Coffee tables make excellent magazine racks because they're often centred in the heart of your home's entertainment space.

Have your favourite reading material available for yourself or your guests. Conversation starters are always at your fingertips.

A glass coffee table with a lower rack will allow you to display your magazines and still have the top surface free for whatever else you need it.

If entertaining is a major component of your life, consider this when selecting your next coffee table.

2. Foot Rest

You deserve to be comfortable in your home. Your coffee table can be part of your relaxation process.

By placing it the proper distance from your sofa or recliner, you can enjoy the TV or a good book with your feet propped up, happy and comfy.

Did you know that putting your feet up is one of the 10 steps you can take to maintain good leg health?

Opt for a coffee table with a soft-cushion top and you'll really enjoy this benefit. And if it has pull-out shelves, you won't even sacrifice any of the sturdiness a hard surface offers for keeping your beverage secure.

3. Storage Space

Many coffee tables have shelves or drawers, making them essential multipurpose furniture.

Some even have discreet storage, with bins or cushions that flip over to reveal compartments.

Want to keep your remote controls out of sight?

Looking for a convenient place for coupons or other useful papers and trinkets?

Add an element of practicality and order to your home with a coffee table that doubles as extra storage.

4. Temporary Desk

Whether you're a freelancer or you're bringing your work home with you from the office, it's important to have a functional workspace.

Coffee tables can make great desks, allowing you to be productive and still be comfortable on your couch.

The surface area is perfect for laptop use. If you get a coffee table that raises, you can adjust it to your ideal work height, taking the strain off your back and eyes.

There is also enough surface space to spread out any papers or necessary materials, keeping you organized and on task.

5. Display Shelf

The coffee table need not be limited to the living room or den.

They can be situated throughout your home and serve as fantastic display shelves, adding personality and style to the room.

Consider displaying indoor plants or a ceramic bowl on your coffee table and making it the centrepiece of the room.

You can also use the space for a creative photo display.

The various heights and surface types give you scores of options to be creative in incorporating your coffee table into your home d?cor.

Coffee Tables for Every Lifestyle

You're limited only by your imagination in how you use your coffee table.

We've got designs for all lifestyles and tastes. Check out our beautiful selection and see which is right for you.

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