British Heart Foundation - Book a Free & Fast Furniture Collection - 0808 250 0238

British Heart Foundation Used Collection ServiceDonate your second hand, used furniture and make a difference. We love their work and envy their spirit of generosity, so yes with every possible way we can, we will promote their work and efforts. British Heart foundation is one of the few not-for-profit organisations that have a direct service, which makes sense and creates amazing emotions for our customers as well. There are people who are in great need in this country, nationals, and internationals, decent people with families and grandchildren that are suffering from cardiovascular disease. This is where British Heart Foundation is making a massive impact. Their vision is the world where people don't die prematurely from heart disease. While they have many ways to raise money for researchers and cures one of their popular ways is to collect furniture and other home-wares from people that no longer need them. They take them back to one of their high street locations and put a very attractive price tag on them. ''One man's junk, is another man's treasure'' as the old English Idiom mentions. People walk in and find that old sofa that you gave the other day. They pay the price, the sofa gets delivered and you were the reason for the British Heart Foundation to raise that money. Doesn't that make you feel just a little bit satisfied?

You can not imagine how many of our customers thank us just for referring them to the British Heart Foundation. 

They can also collect clothes, books and much more.

In order for them to be able to sell some of your donated items, they may have to meet certain standards

We take pride in collaborating with such amazing, not for profit organizations like British heart foundation.

Visit their site: British Heart Foundation

 Call them on 0808 250 0238

 Note: The collections are booked directly with BHF bookings call center and we can not track the progress or the scheduled day in our internal operations at Furniturestop.