Are you looking to enhance your living room and turn it into a truly great space where you can easily relax and entertain? If so, you should upgrade it with modern living room furniture!

Not sure what modern living room furniture is or how it can transform your space into something truly unique and stylish? In this article, we'll cover 5 modern living room furniture trends you should consider.

What is Modern Style Furniture?

Modern style is a design style influenced by the minimalist design movement of the 1930's. It covers a wide variety of looks, from mid-century to Scandinavian-style, but most modern spaces are known for their chic streamlined furniture and sleek geometric designs.

Here are some key indicators of modern style furniture:

  • Clean-lined furniture
  • Geometric patterns
  • Neutrals with individual pops of color
  • Streamlined details
  • Different mixes of textiles

If you're having trouble determining if a furniture piece is modern, talk to a furniture expert who can educate you on the style!

5 Modern Living Room Furniture Trends

Looking to take modern style furniture and give it a 2018 update? Here are our top 5 modern living room furniture trends you should consider.

1. Color, Color, Color

This year one of the major design trends in modern furniture is color. Many modern designs are blending green and brown with shades of blue, white, black, red, and rich yellows and oranges. You can easily incorporate this trend by buying major furniture pieces like sofa sets, end tables, and armchairs in these colors.

Earth tones will add a cozy and warm vibe to your living room, whereas sparkling colors like gray and gold will balance out your modern space with quiet and sleek style. Copper and bronze are also chic colors you can incorporate into your living room with mirrors, trays, and accent pieces.

2. Natural Wood

If you have a smaller living room, light colors of natural wood are a great way to add modern style and appeal. You can also incorporate dark wood in rich hues to lend a little bit of luxury to your living room. The best way to incorporate wood in a modern way is by incorporating it into cabinets, bookshelves, and sideboards and buffets.

3. Recycled Furniture

Sustainability and environmentally-conscious design are two major trends in furniture today, especially when it comes to modern pieces. You can use reclaimed wood to create modern chairs and tables in a way that adds character while cutting back on environmental impact. You can also incorporate vintage modern living room furniture modern pieces and refinish the wood and upholstery to keep them in line with 2018 trends.

4. Retro is In

One of the more interesting modern furniture trends of 2018 is the return of retro style. Brass, a material which has been out of style for quite some time, is now a trendy addition to modern living room spaces. Velvet has also made a comeback, so if you're adding a modern twist to your living room, add velvet couches and chairs to give it an extra retro flair.

5. Coziness is Key

Another new element of modern style is creating cozy spaces that are perfect for family time and relaxation. Many places are doing this by creating separate smaller areas within their living rooms using things like room dividers and microzones. Large sofas are another great way to make a big room look smaller and cozier.

Final Thoughts on Modern Living Room Furniture

If you're looking to add some chic style that's great for entertaining and unwinding, modern furniture style is the way to go. By following these design trends of 2018, you can create a truly stylish space that's sure to wow.

Are you looking for affordable and premium modern furniture and sofas in the UK? Have any questions about modern design trends? Let us know in the comments!

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