Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and the kitchen table is where so many good memories are made.

Whether you want to redecorate your space or plan some major remodeling upgrades, we've got the guide to the best kitchen table trends in 2018.

Let's get to it!

Mix & Match

You know those formal dining sets that your parents used to have in their home? Even though it was quite the trend back in the day, it's no longer in style now.

Gone are the days of formal dining room sets with perfectly matched tables and chairs. More and more families are embracing a fresher, lighter look. This means mixing and matching different styles and finishes and fabrics.

Stop worrying about whether or not the dining chairs perfectly match the color of the table. The difference can be a good thing!

Don't be afraid to go bold! Brush up on the basics of color theory, and people will be assuming you hired an interior designer in no time!

Long Benches

Chances are, you've seen communal benches in more settings, from your favorite restaurant to your neighbor's home.

They're making waves in the kitchen table design world- and for a good reason. Long benches help save space. They also create an inherent sense of emotional and physical intimacy without sitting all of each other.

Consider adding one or two long benches to the vertical lengths of your table.

Funky Lighting

Looking to save money and not replace the entire table? Consider adding a one-of-a-kind statement piece, like a chandelier, beautiful pendant, or vintage stained-glass lamp.

The sky (well, your ceiling) is the limit when it comes to using unique and interesting lighting.

After all, who wants to chow down dinner in the dark?

Rustic Decor

Rustic furniture and decorations have been popular among Millennials for awhile. With that said, we don't anticipate this trend slowing down anytime soon in the next year.

A rustic dining space looks both inviting and aesthetically pleasing. It creates a homely and fresh vibe- and it looks good in both modern and older homes.

Get familiar with different wood stains, and get your rustic vibe on!

Minimalist Centerpieces

When you're eating with a group of people, you want to actually see the people you're sitting across from, right?

Tall, gaudy centerpieces make it difficult to do just that. Instead, one of the newest trends taking over kitchens this year is in the form of simplistic, minimalist centerpieces.

We're talking everything from succulents to a simple orchid to a classy bowl of fruit. No need to keep it complicated or expensive. When it comes to this design, less can absolutely be more.

Final Thoughts on Kitchen Table Trends

Let your kitchen be the focal point of love and memories in your home. Looking to upgrade your table? Check out our newest inventories today!

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