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A living room is what brings all the residents of a home together.

It is where roommates unwind after a long day and where families enjoy each other's company. This is where some people discover their favorite movies, where holiday gatherings happen, and more.

As such, the living room decor style requires a special amount of attention.

It should feel cozy, yet interesting; peaceful, but a little exciting.

Getting the atmosphere just right largely depends on the sofa you choose.

To help this part of the process, here is a guide on the different kinds of sofas to consider.

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are all about comfort and function.

These tend to be more casual than your mom and dad's leather couch back home.

But, they have all the style and seating options your heart desires.

These different kinds of sofas are made for the home that loves to host. They make a great seating area for parties as well as a place to crash for a close friend.

Sofa beds are forward-thinking and design-friendly.

Plus, they are easy to move! This is a great bonus if you haven't settled into a home yet and plan to be apartment living for a little while.

Two- and Three-Seater Sofas

The next step up from a sofa bed is either a two or a three seater sofa.

The difference is the size.

A two-seater sofa is kind of like an upgrade from a love seat. It is meant for two people to sit in close quarters comfortably.

A three-seater sofa is the kind of sofa you would think of for a family home. This is where one person can lay all the way down or where multiple people can curl up together.

If you're having trouble choosing between these two different kinds of sofas, consider buying both!

One two-seater and one three-seater can compliment each other very well if your space provides. In smaller areas, choose one sofa and pick an armchair to match.

Corner Sofas

Instead of getting a set of couches and/or chairs that match, you may end up with one couch that wraps around a room.

That is what a corner sofa does.

Corner sofas are an L-shape piece of furniture meant to go around the living area. They look beautiful when placed well and can help establish borders between different spaces in an open floor plan.

But, this seating style is all about reducing boundaries between the people sharing the sofa.

Corner sofas are meant for sprawling out and getting comfortable. You can take one side for yourself to stretch or share it with the people you care about the most.

Take Your Pick Among the Different Kinds of Sofas

It's one thing to understand the difference between various kinds of sofas.

It's another to take this knowledge and apply it while decorating your living room!

There are many kinds of different sofas out there. But, there is only one that will look lovely and fit perfectly in your home.

Click here to find whichever one that is.

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