Upgrading your kitchen aesthetics can sometimes be as simple as changing the seats.

If you have a high-top island or a counter looking into the living room, why not get some kitchen stools?

Stools turn your kitchen into a community space. They welcome family members and friends to sit down and enjoy the company while you cook something up.

Not to mention, they are beautiful to look at even when you're the only one in the room!

But, for the best look, you have to choose the right stools.

Here are three things to consider while kitchen stool shopping.

1. Make Sure the Heights Match

Don't fall in love with a set of stools until you know your kitchen's verticals.

The last thing you want to do is to make your decision only to find the seat is too high or low for where you want it to be. This means you need to start with a tape measure before you hit the road or go online shopping.

Then, once you know the height of your counters and table area, you can start narrowing down your stool choices.

2. Pick Between Colors and Seating Styles

Another way to reduce all the kitchen stools you have to go through is to have a certain color in mind.

What is the color scheme of your kitchen right now? Are you willing to change it according to the stools, or do you want something that can easily fit in this setting?

Consider these options as you start your shopping.

Pay attention to the different seating styles as well.

Some stools will have three legs, while others have four. Others come with a strong foundation on a single stand.

You also have the choice to buy kitchen stools with seats that spin versus those that stay still. More seat details to keep in mind are the padding, the fabric (if any), and the overall durability.

These will help guide your decision beyond just what looks pretty.

As much as you want your stools to make a statement, you should also make sure you're purchasing something that will last.

3. Take a Look Around the Room

Speaking of the statement you want to make in the kitchen, don't forget to consider how this will translate into the rest of your home.

Matching decor styles are particularly important if you have an open layout.

You need stools that look great when you are sitting on them in the kitchen as well as when you're looking in the kitchen's general direction from another room.

They should feel like they fit in the whole house.

This is of particular importance if you tend to move seats around when company is over. The right stool will look great in its place in the kitchen as well as on the back patio or as an extra seat when the game is on in the living room.

Find the Perfect Kitchen Stools for Your Home

One more thing to know about your kitchen stool search: you have to get started to find something you love!

Luckily, we have a wide range of seating options to choose from.

Click here to start shopping.

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