The right leather shoe or handbag immediately makes a statement as you walk down the street. So, how can you get your home to make an equally powerful statement? Buy her a leather sofa.

Problem solved.

Research shows that households in the United Kingdom bought affordable home furniture valued at more than 17 billion pounds in 2016, with leather couches remaining in-demand furniture pieces. The money spent on furniture, including leather couches, last year was about a billion pounds higher than the amount spent the previous year.

If you're in the market for new home furnishings, you're clearly in good company. And you simply can't go wrong with a comfy, attractive, well-built leather couch.

Here's a rundown of why every home needs a leather sofa in the living room.

Let's get started!

Leather Sofa Available in Standard Colors

High-quality leather couches come in standard colors, such as brown and black, which can easily be integrated into your existing or new living room decor.

If you decide to purchase furnishings with new colors down the road, you can easily just add some accent cushions to your black or brown sofa and watch your room transform with little effort.

Meanwhile, maybe you prefer a loud leather couch, such as one that is a vibrant red (talk about making a statement!)

A faux leather couch can easily satisfy your craving for a bright color to give your living room a new lease on life.

Impress Others

When family and friends enter your living room during your next holiday gathering, what will be the first sound out of their mouths when they see your furniture?

An old, plain fabric sofa that is in obvious need of a facelift may elicit a harrowing "Whoa."

But a brand-new leather couch -- one that smells and looks like it just came out of a craftsman's shop? That'll get you a "Wow."

Ten times over.

Why? Because your traditional fabric sofa tends to wear down more quickly. Meanwhile, leather couches feature a certain sheen that only becomes more beautiful the more frequently you use the sofas.

A leather sofa is like fine wine: It gets better with age.

Enjoy Easy Maintenance

Not only is a leather couch easy on the eyes but also it's easy on the rest of your body. You don't need to worry about maintaining it; if something spills, simply wipe it away, and away you go!

A fabric couch, on the other hand, is the perfect surface for pet allergens and dust to accumulate. Unfortunately, this can be a nightmare for those with allergy issues.

And considering that allergy problems can be a major nuisance, affecting your daily activities, that's nothing to sneeze at.

Plus, leather couches adjust to the body, taking on your body's temperature in a matter of seconds.

So don't worry about staying cold on a leather couch. Your leather couch is ready to embrace you with warm, open arms.

Save Money

Leather couches save you money in the long run, as they have four times the hardiness that fabric does.

In fact, it's been shown that you'll go through three fabric couches in the amount of time it takes to replace a leather couch.

That means if you have children, host parties or have pets, a leather couch is your best option if longevity is important to you.

How We Can Help

We offer a wide variety of leather couches designed to make your living space appear trendier and more complete.

Contact us to learn more about how our sofas can elevate your living room to a new level of class before your next family get-together.

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