How do you feel right now? The colours around you may have something to do with it.

Colours have the power to affect our moods and feelings. Are you unsure which wallpaper colour you want to put in your home?

Selecting colours can be simple if you know the basics of the psychology of colour.

Whether you want your home to be energising or relaxing, wallpaper colour can be a key factor. We'll give you the rundown on how colour affects feelings.

Cool Colours

If you want to create a calm environment in your home, consider using cold colours like blue and green. These cooler colours are associated with feelings of serenity.

Blue is proven to decrease blood pressure and stress. That's why it's considered to be relaxing and calming. This is a common choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Green is another fresh colour that helps you relax. Add hues of green to your family room to help you unwind.

Like blue, green colours create a more calming, relaxed atmosphere. Green is associated with nature, so it's a good choice for those who want their space to feel fresh.

Warm Colours

Warmer colours can be powerful hues that evoke strong emotions. If you want to choose a wallpaper colour that really stands out, consider using red or orange.

Red is a popular colour that instantly raises energy levels. If you've ever walked into a red room, you may have felt increased adrenaline and excitement. A wall adorned will red colours will surely spark conversation.

Orange is a colour that can bring excitement and energy. This may not be the best choice for bedrooms but if you have an at-home gym, this would be a great fit.

Pastel Colours

Airy, pastel colours can add a playful touch to your interior d?cor.

Yellow is a great way to add a bit of sunshine to your home. Yellow can create feelings of joy and happiness. Although yellow is a cheery colour, it's not always a good choice.

For example, avoid using yellow wallpaper in a nursery. Studies show that yellow rooms make babies cry.

Pink adds a touch of grace to a room without being too overpowering. Like reds, you can choose hot pink to energise a room. If using pink in the main room, try using it on an accent wall.

Neutral Colours

You can't go wrong with neutral shades like white or brown. Neutral tones never go out of style and offer you endless flexibility.

White is a top trend for minimalistic d?cor. White can create feelings of freshness, cleanliness, and simplicity.

Brown colours are more traditional and reserved. These warm tones can help make a place feel cozy and comfortable.

Create Experiences with Wallpaper Colour

Create a serene haven in your bedroom, a bold vibe in your living room or a welcoming setting in your dining room. Pay close attention to the hues in your home and create memorable feelings.

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