An accent chair is one of the best ways to bring everything in a room together.

It compliments the sofa in your living room and adds extra seating to create a cozy environment. It can also fit beautifully in the bedroom to use as a reading nook during your downtime.

But, the secret to making this piece of furniture work anywhere you put it is to find the right one.

Here's everything you need to keep in mind while looking at options for accent chairs.

1. Know Your Style

Take a look around the room in which you want to add an accent chair.

What kind of decor style are you already using?

If the feeling of the room is sleek and modern, you'll need something to match. Same goes for a shabby chic space or a rustic, country-like setting.

You don't have to be exactly by-the-book with all your furniture.

But, knowing your style helps you narrow down all the possibilities. It gives you a bit of direction which you can use to mix and match decor trends or to stay within one style.

2. Play with Fabrics

Once you have an idea of the kind of style you want to reflect, the real fun begins.

Just because something is vintage or modern doesn't mean it's made of one shape or kind of material.

There are endless amounts of accent chairs out there! They come in all shapes and sizes, as well as fabrics. Don't be afraid to play with the idea of a bold color or a fun pattern.

The chair is called an "accent" for a reason.

This might be your way to completely change the feeling of your dorm room or studio apartment. If anything, it helps make any room more exciting and unique.

3. Understand Placement and Purpose

As you're searching through different chairs, there are some practical things to remember.

Consider where exactly you want to put the chair.

Try to picture the size and fit in comparison to everything else.

Not every accent chair is made the same. Some will be taller than others, and some will be a bit more narrow or wider.

Think of how you plan to use your new chair as well.

If you want something you can sit in all afternoon with a good book, you may want a bigger, more comfortable chair. If this is more of a statement piece for your living room, you might be able to downsize a bit.

Either way, you shouldn't have to compromise the look you're going for. There is definitely a chair with the right style and size waiting for you to purchase it.

Find Your New Accent Chair

Do you already have a bunch of ideas for your accent chair running through your head?

These make a great work or study space, as well as just a nice seat to relax and watch TV. But, you can't enjoy any of these benefits until you purchase the chair that's right for you.

It's time to start shopping.

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