Your furniture will be unique to you

With Shabby Chic furniture, you will never have a desk of coffee table so unique, no two pieces are the same because they are all hand done. Pick a colour, pick a wallpaper, pick anything that can be used to decorate with and it can be incorporated in some way. Along with the unique matter of the furniture comes endless personalisation options, you can have every piece of furniture with a name of a loved one, or decorate children’s furniture with the alphabet and numbers.

If you do it yourself, it can work out cheaper

If you know the right places to buy furniture you can get a full dining table and 6 chairs for as little as £20, even with the added cost of a couple of paint cans, it comes to nowhere near as much as a brand-new set. I recommend auctions to find the best pieces of old furniture, all it needs it tlc and a coat of paint to be perfect!

Your furniture will tell stories

If you’ve ever visited somewhere like the House of Anne Frank then you can understand how furniture can make such a big impact on our lives, you can sit at a desk and the impact of the history that happened at that desk can wash over you, and fill you with a sense of importance. Imagine if you had a piece of furniture in your house that was so old if could have been owned by anyone, it could have been so important in history and now it’s yours, you sit at it every day. In the 1998 Hallmark film, the Love Letter, an antique desk had such a strong story that it caused an unbreakably strong love between a man from the 1960s and a woman who lived a hundred years earlier, this is enough proof for me that we should preserve old furniture.

Save the environment – what other reason do you need?!

If you’re upcycling old furniture and repurposing it to meet your needs, then your part of the reduce, reuse, recycle triangle which helps reduce your personal carbon footprint as you’re not buying factory manufactured furniture or having it sent across the globe to you.


Bethanie Woods

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