Make the most of the space

There are two main ways that you can make the most of the bedroom space to do with buying the perfect bed, and those are:
- Picking a bed with built in storage, whether this be a bed with drawers or a bed that lifts up to reveal storage, it gives you the chance to remove chests of drawers or cupboards that may just be taking up space in your room.
- Remember that the best way to relax fully in your bedroom is to have it clean, and have a fair amount of space with which you can maneuver, buying a massive bed may not suit you or the room so don’t opt straight for a King or Queen size, maybe try out a small double.

On the other hand, extra bedroom can be amazing

If you have enough room in your room for a larger sized bed then do not hesitate to splurge on a bigger sized bed, then a partner can’t possibly hog the entire bed. If a double bed isn’t quite big enough then consider a King-sized bed, or even a Super King, which means during arguments you don’t have to be anywhere near your partner, even while sharing a bed.
Pro-tip, a way to get around this in a smaller sized room is to pair a double bed with a King-sized quilt, one quilt size up will give the illusion of a bigger bed to everyone who views it or sleeps in it. 

Plan your furniture and room decor around each other

Whether you’ve already got a bed and want to redecorate, or you’ve gotten to the time to buy a new bed, it’s always good to co-ordinate the two. If your room has minimalist type furniture then you wouldn’t want to opt for a fancy bed which would just get in the way and hurt your eyes, but the same can be the reverse. You cannot buy a bed which will just get lost in the loud decor of your bright room.

In a spare room, opt for a dual-purpose bed

The bed for the spare room is the hardest bed to choose, you don’t want to get a full double in case the room is needed for other purposes like storage, but if you get a single then you can only offer up space to one family member or friend with no significant others. This is where daybeds come in. During the day, or times when it isn’t needed, it can be a small sofa decked out with pillows and throws, but whenever it’s needed it changes as quick as Superman to save the day and become a full double bed. To shop day beds visit this link.


Bethanie Woods

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