Wall mounted cat lounging set

This set is perfect for the fat cat who could use a little more exercise, if he has to work for the lounger then at least he can feel satisfied with his endless relaxation. This item is a-meow-singly soft, being completely covered in plush to relax your kitty. Find on Amazon here. 


Do you love retro games as much as us? Because if you do then this piece of furniture may just having you pricking your ears up to hear more. One of each of the original TETRIS pieces designed perfectly for your cat to scratch at them and lounge around on them. You can reorganise them in any way you want and your cat will love that it can change anytime! Find on Amazon here. 

“Vesper” Modern Cat Tree

This cat tree will fit perfectly into pretty much any style room with its neutral colours, but it’ provides the perfect climbing frame/play area for your kitten, who will love you fur-ever if you get them this. (It’s also more deluxe than my bed, with memory foam pillows inside!!) Find on Amazon here

Infinity Cat Scratcher lounge piece

Have you ever thought that the one thing your house could use if an infinity shaped piece of furniture for your cat? Well, look no further than this item, which is an amazing cat lounger and scratch item with the amazing design influence by the infinity loops. It’s made of recycled cardboard and will offer an amazing natural scratch base for your car, relieving stress and sharpening claws, it’ll have your cat looking and feline good. Find on Amazon here

Outdoor Cat Condo

What better for your cat than a house, outside your house? This outdoor cat condo provides everything a growing kitten needs, and everything that a fully-grown cat knows and loves. It’s completely weatherproof so they can hide from the rain inside, but on the outside, it has scratching pads galore and a place to fall asleep in the sun. Your cat would spend summers feeling paw-sitively amazing in this condo. Find on Amazon here. 

Record Cat Scratcher

This article was originally only going to consist of four items, but this following one was just too cute to miss! A scratching pad which is perfect for the little meow-sicians out there! (That was the last pun, I swear). Why scratch a regular scratching pad when your kitten could just as easily turn into a fully-fledged DJ and scratch some records? Find on Amazon here.  


Bethanie Woods

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