Pre-Fab houses are practically everywhere at the moment, but I don’t ever recall being told what a pre-fab house is, I still don’t really know. So, I thought I’d make a crash course to pre-fab houses for all those like me.

What is it?

Pre-Fab is short for Pre-Fabricated, and it basically means that the house is built elsewhere and then later placed on the site, which I think sounds like an amazing idea. They can be built in one small factory and then transported all over the world, this could save a lot of money. It could also be amazing when moving to a new house, as you can literally move the house and not have as massive a hassle unpacking when you get there. They’re quicker to build and can half the build time of a regular house, taking 3-4 months, as opposed to the usual 9 months to a year. This is because a pre-fab home is built up of parts which are made in a factory where no harsh weather can delay building, and these parts only take 3 or 4 days to actually put together.

Is it better?

It’s hard to say, they both have different benefits which seem to even the playing field. The major two differences between pre-fab and regular houses is that pre-fab houses are quicker and easier to build, while regular houses can take a lot longer and can be halted by any extreme weather events. However, pre-fab houses can end up being more expensive than the base price you receive, and they are harder to sell on due to people still having previous opinions on the subject, they still look at pre-fab houses and think that they are not built as well, they’re not as sturdy and that they cannot be customised in the same way a regular house can. Regular houses sell much better, but they take longer to build; pre-fab are made quicker but are much harder to sell for the sort of price most people would want for a house.

Additional facts:

  • Pre-fab homes are a green building, as lots of them can make enough solar energy to power the entire building.
  • Taxes and insurance are the same for pre-fab as for a regular home.
  • Pre-fab homes can withstand 175 mph winds, they’re not weak at all.
  • Pre-fab homes can be completely customised so you can create your dream home, from room size to window type.


Bethanie Woods

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