There is no worse feeling than knowing your house needs to be redecorated, but having no inspiration on how to do it up. Should you go modern and minimalist like a New York Penthouse or take it back to the nature of the Scottish hills, with wood finish and an organised chaos feel? So how do you decide? How do you get inspired enough to redecorate your home, but keep it yours?

Take inspiration from TV or films

If you can say that you’ve never watched a TV show or film and admired the interior decorating then you’re a good liar, because everyone does it. Everyone knows which fictional characters house they’d like to live in, or who’s bed looks to be the comfiest, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You should embrace it, you should buy the Men in Black egg chairs and place a picture frame around your peephole like Monica, if your house doesn’t reflect who you are, what you like and what your passions are then it needs to change.

Read furniture blogs or scroll through Pinterest

Reading through furniture and DIY blogs are sometimes all the inspiration you need, you can look at what others have done and incorporate that into your own living space. It can give you amazing decorating tips, for example on how to make the most of the small spaces, or how to pick the best piece of furniture for your space, while suggesting affordably priced pieces. Furniture blogs, and especially Pinterest, are also amazing places for finding hand-made tutorials for things that will give your house a sense of je ne sais quoi.

Buy a piece of furniture that makes you really excited

It is relatively easy to build an entire room around one piece of furniture, like a sofa for example. That sofa can help you pick the colour scheme of the entire room, and help you decide what other pieces of furniture you need to get. I find that if you buy a sofa, or bed or table that particularly excites you then you will easily be able to build an entire room with no more motivation needed.

Get inspired by nature

Inspiration can come from anywhere, including a nice walk to breathe in all nature has to offer. Channel your inner mother nature and make sure that your guests feel like they’re walking into a lush forest, or stepping straight onto the calm beach; it’ll keep them happy and make them insanely jealous.


Bethanie Woods

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