This news created some major buzz around the web and we wanted to make sure our followers are informed about it! Writing about it has certainly made me a more romantic person..

What is it about?

This viral building conversion is about the famous Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill that turned an old WWI cement factory in an astonishing home for himself, and the results are breathtaking...

We all make plans for the perfect home for us or our family. Whether you are single or married the opinions or ideals may vary as the moving parts always change and new needs or wants arise in the surface for the perfect home.

Bofill's Ideal...

We sometimes say that when you have a supernatural vision you can see through walls; well Ricardo Bofill with his now obvious laser sight he was able to see through the ruins of the World War One era factory (manufacturing cement) near Barcelona in Spain.

Good things come to those...

He first realized the amazing potential of this building almost 45 years ago when he first saw it. With the perfect plan in his head, he would go and convince his team to pull a side project with the name ''La Fabrica'' which means ''the factory''. The team believed in his vision and supported him to proceed to the purchase.

For what comes next Creativity Is The Enemy... 

What others had seen as a pollution emitting source in Ricardo's eyes was his dream home.

Remodeling project La fábrica would then take years of creative thinking and partial deconstruction and as you can imagine millions of euros.

The revamped structure produced by Bofill and his team was a giant improvement from what the deteriorating factory had been.


Nod to Mother Nature
As a gesture to the environment and towards making up for the pollution that the factory was emitting during its operational years, Ricardo transformed the rooftops of the smokestacks into roof gardens.


50 Shades of.... Green
The home is now in the middle of jungle-like surroundings with an abundance of vegetation. Aside from eucalyptus and 7 types of grass, olive trees and palm trees can be found on and around the property.


Bofill wanted the result to remind him of what initially inspired him and that's exactly what one can see arriving at the property....The ''romantic ruins'' of the exterior blending with the luxurious furniture choices at the multiple places of rest and gathering outside the house as well as inside. 


Come in
Not for the faint-hearted, entering the home, there is No Way To Not Be emotionally touched and enthralled by the look of the remodelled living rooms.


Style.... abundance

And as a bloggers habit, one would run to name the style, to tag or label this project, but Bofill made this hard to guess. It's hard to believe this was achieved in the first hand; a cement factory? Really? No corner looks the same or has the same purpose but Ricardo's result triggers the same feeling into all: Amazement 

Ricardo described the dining room on the ground floor as a “meeting point for the family.”The natural light that pours through the home is absolutely incredible. It adds a softness to the hard history of the structure.

Kissed by the Sun

It's incredible to see the natural beams of light pouring through the house. It adds a humbleness the proud history of the structure.


Warmth is Near the source 

Bofill had bigger plans for "La Fabrica", and being his home and place of leisure wasn't fulfilling its potential as a source of creativity, so Bofill and his team came to use certain rooms as studio space for his architecture endeavours. Working on new creations from within a 'lifetime' creation like this must be a major leap forward for Ricardo's team.


No Beginnings & No Ends

Bofill reminds us that "la fabrica" is not a project with a beginning and neither with an end... It is a living organism...and despite the 45 years himself and his team have been working on it... it will remain a work in progress.


More to Come and More To Be

His words were that; synonymous to his life ''la fabrica'' is a constant evolution of creative visions.
We cannot imagine how one could make this project look any better or check more boxes of functionality but we are certainly looking forward with excitement to see what Ricardo Bofill and his team are up-to for the near future...


Tell us how you see this project...and when it comes down to your own home, is it a work done or a 'constant evolution of creative visions'?

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