Create a point of interest

Create a focal point in your living room which all your affordable home furniture gravitates around to give the illusion of organisation in your life. This sense of the furniture all being organised will make guests thinks that and clutter is organised clutter.

Buy practical furniture

The best way to declutter your room is to buy furniture that can double as storage, buy a coffee table with drawers and a shelf underneath, or buy a footstool that can open and double as a toy box. All this extra storage will help you keep your things organised, a place for everything means that nothing will be scattered on the shelves.

Bookcases aren’t just for books

It may be called a bookshelf, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that only books can be held on it. Any stray items that you’ve left lying around on coffee tables can be put on here, like picture frames and fruit bowls, just to keep any clutter out of direct sight.


The coffee table and TV unit are both flat, and should both be kept clear; except for obviously the TV. Try a TV unit with a cupboard which can store your consoles and keep the top of the unit clear.

A standalone shelving unit may be exactly what you need

We all agree that shelves are incredibly easy to put up, but who has time these days to waste on measuring and then fixing the shelves in and making sure they’re screwed in enough? I certainly don’t. And here’s my saving grace – standalone shelving units can look just as good. They’re tall, they have a lot of space and can be utilised well. If you have small children then you can get a wicker basket or a short toy box and store all toys in that at the bottom of the unit, you can keep everything your child isn’t allowed to reach the top, such as breakables and any electronics or remotes. Shelving units can store anything you want; the only limit is your imagination.

Only keep the essentials

I am a big culprit of this one; I go away for the weekend, buy a magazine to read on the train and never throw it away. Literally, never. Magazines and newspapers are kept for longer than they need to be, if you haven’t touched an item in more than three months then get rid of it. This can work for furniture as well, that lamp which you have out on the other side of the room but haven’t ever turned on? How much do you need that? Oh, it’s a gift from the in-laws? Have it on display upstairs, the spare room or kids room is perfect for gifts that you just have no room for.


Bethanie Woods

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