Do you have a toddler between the ages of one and three?

If so, the odds are you've considered the transition between a crib and a big kid bed.

Moving your baby from the crib to a bed is a key moment in their development. However, as most parents are aware, it's not always a seamless transition. This change can result in nightwandering, new fears, and the anxiety of leaving behind those comforting four walls.

The best way to ease this transition is to opt for a toddler bed that still provides the comfort and confinement of the crib, but with more independence to suit a growing toddler.

The search for a child's bed is not always a straightforward one and it's essential to find the right bed to suit your child's needs.

We've done the work for you and have outlined the five best styles of toddler beds:

Shaped Beds

Shaped beds are a great way to get your children excited about bedtime. This is especially for those that do not exactly favor that notorious time of night.

One major benefit of themed beds is they are often low to the ground and contain side rails that often disguised as the identity of the bed.

Whether they are retiring to a car, a ship or a medieval castle, the themed bed turns bedtime into a routine your toddler actually looks forward to.

Happy slumbers!

Extendable Beds

A toddler bed is somewhere between a crib and a youth bed in size. While some are hesitant to use a toddler bed due to its sometimes temporary use, an expandable bed helps to eliminate this hurdle.

Extendable beds do exactly as they sound -they extend. This is perfect for growing children that will benefit from the ability to vertically expand the bed with time.

Storage Beds

Storage beds provide all of the comfort associated with toddlers beds with the further benefit of storage.

As most nurseries tend to be smaller in size, the storage helps to provide room for clothing, extra bedding and all of the essentials. This may even eliminate the need for finding room for a dresser.

Overall, the storage bed is bound to create a more clean and organized bedroom for you and your little one!

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds contain all of the benefits of a regular bed but with an added sense of fun and comfort.

The canopy frame connects to four posters on the headboard and footboard.

This comfort is often concealed in favorable shapes, characters and imagery for children such as the roof of a magical castle or a favorite Disney character.

This can help to provide young ones hesitant to make the transition with a little more comfort and excitement than a regular bed.

Portable & Travel Toddler Beds

Portable beds are the perfect option for families on the go.

These beds have the ability to fold out and are often inflatable or made of padded foam. They also benefit from padded sides that will help to cushion an active sleeping toddler.

These beds are perfect for parents looking for a mattress that is portable and can be moved throughout the house. These travel beds also have the ability to be used outside. This makes them the perfect option for family camping trips!

Are You Ready to Make the Transition?

Is your little one beginning to show signs of growing out of their crib? The reality is, as children grow, so do their wants and needs.

Toddler beds help children in their transition from cribs to big kid beds without the added intimidation and hesitation.

Unsure as to whether or not your child is ready to make the transition? Don't hesitate to contact us as we would be happy to help. Or get your little one involved in the process and browse our selection of kid-friendly products here!

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