Does your UK home feature a small garden?

If it does, you're not alone. While spacious home gardens were once the norm, these days 21% of British homes contain only a small patio garden.

Like many other aspects of our modern era, our outdoor space is getting smaller and smaller.

Does this mean you can't have a beautiful garden area, even if you're squeezed for space? Of course not!

In this post, we'll reveal how to find the best patio furniture for your small garden.

1. Patio Dining Set

Even small spaces can become cozy places to dine. All you need is the right sized patio dining set.

Choose a compact dining table with two chairs, or four if you have enough space. Another option is to position the table against a wall so it can accommodate three chairs.

Still too large for your patio? Look for a set that has foldable chairs to maximize your garden space.

2. Patio Sofa Set

If dining outside isn't your thing (or you just prefer a more casual setting), you might consider a patio sofa set.

Since a sofa is generally the biggest piece of patio furniture, make you sure you measure first and know exactly what will fit on your patio. Choose a sofa with a slim profile, and try placing it flush against the wall or in the corner to free up space.

If there's room leftover, pair your sofa with end tables, a coffee table, or a matching ottoman. This way, your patio will be just as cozy and comfortable as your indoor living room.

3. Patio Lounge Chairs

No room for a sofa or dining table? That's okay.

Some of the best patio furniture is a single--or multiple--lounge chairs. Patio lounge chairs are ideal for those warmer summer days when all you care to do is relax in the sun.

By bringing in individual chairs, you can control exactly how much seating you want in your patio area. As a bonus, they're easy to coordinate with matching cushions or accent pillows.

4. Outdoor Patio Bath

The last item on our list of the best patio furniture is a bit of a splurge. But if you have the room and the budget, we guarantee you'll love an outdoor bathtub.

It's just like a Jacuzzi, but it's portable, inflatable, and much more affordable. These tubs come equipped with jets, drink holders, and all the other bells and whistles you'd expect.

Perfect for entertaining--or a romantic date night--an outdoor bathtub is the ultimate piece of patio furniture. They're available in both round and square shapes, so you can choose the style that best fits your space.

Where to Buy the Best Patio Furniture

So, are you feeling inspired? Ready to go out and find the perfect pieces to decorate your petite patio?

The good news is you don't have to go anywhere! Here at Furniture Stop, we sell only the highest-quality, UK-made furniture for your decorating needs.

Peruse our collection of patio furniture right now to find the items that are perfect for your space.

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