Congratulations on your new home! Now, what're you going to fill it with?

Many new homeowners struggle to furnish their new pad. Buying a house is expensive enough, so that's hardly a surprise. And first-time homeowners can't even draw on their previous experiences to help them.

Don't panic. We've put together this checklist to help you out when you're furnishing your home.

Make a List (Check It Twice)

Lists are an invaluable tool when you're moving home. They're pretty much the only way to be sure you've remembered everything - and that goes for furnishing, too.

The easiest way to make a checklist for furnishing your home is to take a look around your current home. Chances you're already using most of what you need, whether it belongs to you or not. It's a great starting point for your list.

Of course, you might be moving up to a larger home. In that case, this list will form the essentials and you can expand on it later.

Start your list early. Doubtless, you'll think of more items to add to it later. Catch everything now, and you'll save yourself some forehead-slapping later.

Tactical Cheapness

Tactical cheapness is the key to furnishing in a new home.

We don't mean go dirt cheap on everything, or you'll feel like you're living in a junkyard. It's important you spend what you need to feel comfortable.

The trick is to prioritize the items on your list. Can you make do with a second-hand washer for now? Will a decent sofa satisfy you while you save up for one with all the bells and whistles? Only you (and your partner) can decide what's personally important to you.

Skimping doesn't mean going without, though. It could mean hitting up Craigslist or Freecycle to get some cheap bits to fill a hole in your decor. You might even find some unexpected treasures that you'll keep around even after you have enough money to replace them.

Manage the Money

The best way to manage your cash is to tally up your projected spends before you even start. Allocate a fixed amount for each room, taking into account the furniture you need. And be realistic, here, unless money is no object and your aesthetic is "all antique everything".

Keeping your purchases in-budget can stop you burning out the credit card. Huge debts could set this new era of your life off on the wrong foot, so stick within your means.

Instant gratification might be the way of the capitalist world, true. But keeping tabs on the cash not only spreads out the cost but also gives you something to work toward.

Furnishing Your Home - The Smart Way

Keeping these points in mind can cut down on the headache of furnishing your home. That gives you more time to enjoy the experience instead of stressing about the realities. Do it right, and you might even impress your friends when they ask how much it all cost.

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