When having friends or family to stay, you want to make your spare bedroom a comfortable and welcoming environment. It is never easy to stay away from home, but by adding some luxury creature comforts and stylish décor, you can transform your spare room into an elegant guestroom befitting of a hotel.

  1. Choose A Comfortable Bed

While it may seem an unnecessary expense, purchasing a comfy guest bed will pay dividends for future years. As it will be used less frequently, it will stand the test of time while making sure your guests can sleep soundly.

Make sure you can take advantage of the bed too, by opting for bed complete with a handy storage solution. Choose a divan bed complete with under the bed drawers or an ottoman bed so you can maximise on storage while still providing a great night’s sleep for your visitors.

  1. Offer Variety

People have very particular tastes when it comes to sleep, so make sure you offer a range of bedding to suit all hot-blooded and cold-blooded types. The best way to do this is by providing layers of sheets and blankets so people can add or remove layers as needed.

To make sure your guestroom feels like home, don’t use second hand and mismatched bedding. Choose a range of bedding that compliments the decor and colour scheme; it will create a welcoming environment that will show your guests you care.

  1. Give Storage Options

It is never easy for guests to live out of a suitcase. It can create a feeling of unease, as well as creating clutter and mess in your beautiful guestroom. While you may use the spare room for storing your clutter, make sure you leave enough room for guests to store their belongings.

You can add stylish storage solutions with a vintage style wardrobe or an antique dresser. If you don’t have the space, opt for a bed with storage such as an ottoman bed. These allow easy access to storage but do not take up extra space.

  1. Add Lamps

Lamps can create a cosy atmosphere that helps to relax guests before bedtime. Low lighting lamps offer a warm glow that will give a homely feel to make guests completely comfortable. Lamps are also a necessity to help guests navigate to an unknown bed safely, rather than trip over on the way from turning out the main light.

Bedside lamps can add style and sophistication to a room with a wide variety available to suit every style and colour scheme.

  1. Leave Glasses And A Jug Of Water

When thirst strikes in the middle of the night, some guests may feel uncomfortable roaming the home and rooting through the kitchen cupboards to find glasses. Make it easier for your guests by providing refreshments in the room. This saves your guests from feeling uncomfortable and you from being woken up in the middle of the night by clattering in the kitchen and strange noises echoing through the home.

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