At first glance, decorating a kid’s bedroom seems easy, choose loud, bright colours and fun furniture that promotes play time. The difficulty, however, is creating an interior design that will suit children for years to come. Decorating in the room in the style of their favourite cartoon or film may be an easy theme that they will love initially, but it will be very time limited. Instead, try some of these great ideas that will give children a stylish room that will inspire their imagination and that they will love for years to come.

1.      The Sky’s The Limit

One of the best ways to encourage creativity and imagination is for kids to have no boundaries. Paint the room sky blue and add white, fluffy clouds to the ceiling. Kid’s bunk beds are an excellent way to add a feeling of having your head in the clouds. Mobiles shouldn’t just be restricted to nursery rooms, opt for hanging planes or flying birds scattered around the room to add movement in the bedroom and let them twirl whenever the window is open. Creating the feeling of flying high has never been so simple.

2.      Get Arty

For creative kids, it’s important to let them add their own style and flair to their bedroom. While it’s completely impractical to decorate every time they change their favourite colour, you can let your kids fill the walls with art by using clever whiteboard or chalkboard paint.

With chalkboard paint, you never have to worry about painting or cleaning the walls again as decorating is left to the kids. Whiteboard paint is a relatively new concept, however clear whiteboard paint is available so that kids can still have their favourite base colour on the walls and can still doodle until their heart’s content. This style will work well throughout childhood and through the teenage years too.

3.      Inspirational Messages

If having a whole room in chalkboard paint is too bold for your little one, consider a giant noticeboard above the bed. This way they can add all their favourite mementoes, from pictures they have drawn, certificates they’ve been awarded and photographs of friends and special moments.

A giant noticeboard means kids have the power to change the style as they see fit and will work with them through the years, from painting their own pictures to revision notes come study season. To keep the room bright, opt for a colourful kid’s divan bed to add to the style and provide a bright base which compliments the colour of your chosen pin board.

4.      Treehouse Cool

A treehouse never gets old and is easy to replicate in a bedroom, opt for a high bed that requires a ladder to get up to and add tree art onto the walls. Trees are a great decorative idea as they can transform floating shelves into branches and coat hooks into leaves.

Opt for wooden furniture to add to the rustic treehouse charm and add tree habiting cuddly toys to keep the room fun and playful.

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