As the days are starting to grow longer and the promise of sunshine is upon us, it is the perfect time to start planning and sprucing up your garden. By being planned, you can get ready for relaxing weekends, playing with the children and summer entertaining, whatever ways you want to make the most of the sunshine.

When it comes to summer, you want your garden to be an inviting and welcoming environment that makes you feel comfortable so that you can make the most of the great outdoors. When your garden isn’t looking its best, it can make you dread spending time in it, but by following these four handy tips, you’ll have a perfect space ready for relaxing or entertaining and making the most out of the summer months.

  1. Make The Grass Green

If your lawn is sodden, moss-ridden or patchy, it can ruin the whole appearance of your garden. Consider using simple spray moss and weed killers. These spray bottles are easy to apply and can be directed at the problem areas of the lawn. Once you have got rid of these, fill the gaps with grass seed and spray the grass liberally with plant food to help restore a lush green lawn. If the lawn is looking beyond hope, consider investing in a new turf.

Don’t worry if you’re not green-fingered, you can still have a lovely lawn to sprawl out and have picnics on by opting for an artificial lawn or ‘astroturf’ that still looks natural, but without needing regular maintenance.

  1. Brighten Up

Hanging baskets and flower boxes are an easy way to install colour into your garden with lovely seasonal flowers. Opt for plants that flower in summer, such as sweet pea, allium and Mexican fleabane (similar to daisies) in flower boxes and fuchsia, lobelia and begonias in hanging baskets as these plants spread well and produce many flowers with minimal effort.

To add even more colour to your garden, choose brightly coloured flowerpots to dot around your garden or create your own flower boxes by painting old wooden crates in your chosen colour scheme. In summer, bright is better so don’t be afraid to use bold, vibrant colours.

  1. Create A Summer Lounge

In summer, your garden should feel as comfortable as your living room, so invest in contemporary outdoor furniture that is both comfortable and practical. Rattan furniture is a great, stylish addition to your garden as it is durable and high-quality to make it last, whatever the weather. Rattan furniture is also extremely versatile, with sets including armchairs, sofas, loungers and tables. To create an excellent entertaining space, opt for a set complete with sofas and chairs that will cater for many guests such as our Chalet Rattan 6 Piece Set.

  1. Light Up The Night

When the weather is warm, and spirits are high, you want your summer party to continue long into the evening. To make sure your garden party can carry on after the sun goes down, invest in some solar lights to create an atmospheric glow. Opt for dreamy fairy light strings and strategically placed lanterns to keep the party well-lit and the energy up. Feeling the chill? Consider a fire pit or chimenea as a centrepiece for your seating area to gather around.

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