If you are looking to redecorate this year and want some style inspiration, here are some of the biggest colour trends to consider in 2017

Adding colour to your home can be done in many ways, such as painting the walls, changing the rugs or carpet, upgrading your sofa or perhaps adding little decorations to give a subtle pop of colour throughout a room. If you’re looking for inspiration as to how to add colour and style into your home, consider some of the following colours to keep your home on trend and in fashion.

Greenery and Emerald

While Pantone named Greenery their Colour of The Year for 2017, the bright green hue has certainly divided audiences, with some embracing the brightness and vibrancy while others consider it too brash to be part of their interior design scheme. 

If you enjoy bold colours, opt for Greenery and similar shades, and you will find that it is surprisingly versatile and works well with earthy browns and creamy coffee colours. An easy way to add the colour of the year into your home is to opt for a bright green textured throw over a chocolate brown or coffee coloured corner sofa. A bright colour pop, without being too invasive.

If Greenery is too bright for you, choose a deeper emerald tone. Jewelled tones add class and sophistication to a room without being too bold and invasive. Emerald lamps and vases are an excellent way to add colour and warmth to your room.

Sunny Yellow

Warm, summery yellows are a big trend for 2017. Yellow can easily be added to a room, from a subtle buttery-yellow paint all over, to bright yellow, happiness-inducing feature wall. Yellow gives your home a cheery, energetic and bright feel, however, it may suit some homes in smaller doses; try opting for sunshine-coloured cushions on a 3 seater sofa.

If yellow doesn’t appeal, opt for sophisticated gold hues. This colour trend can easily be achieved through gold-framed mirrors, stylish lamps and vases and canvas artwork containing gold-leaf.

Stone White

White is an easy and simple colour trend that can be quickly integrated into any home. Using white is stylish while giving your home brightness and warmth. In rooms where daylight is limited, opt for a range of off-white colours to bring lightness and a Mediterranean feel.

Light grey furnishings, such as a sofa, work really well with a stone white colour theme and also give you the opportunity to include a range of small, brightly coloured ornaments to add points of interest and personal touches.

Dusk Blue

Cool and calming dusky blue hues are perfect for creating a relaxing haven in your home. Opt for a dusky sofa or perhaps tranquil blue bedsheets on a divan bed to inspire a calming oasis. Blue is an easy and adaptable colour trend to add to any room in your home and will combine beautifully with any other colours that you enjoy already. Opt for a blue and white combination to create a dreamlike, yet modern interior design. Blue and white are timeless in their combination, giving a light and airy feel while still being cosy and harmonising.

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