Millennials have been blamed for the demise of everything from bar soap and breakfast cereal, to big-box chain stores and the institution of marriage. One home-decor item that millennials have not only refrained from ruining, but actually revived?


Not too long ago, wallpaper was a quaint relic found only in grandma's house and cheap motels. These days, it's making a comeback. Why? Read on to learn all about the use of paper to decorate your walls!

It's Easier to Use Than Ever Before

Wallpaper has a reputation for being troublesome to apply -- and even more difficult to take off. That meant it wasn't a practical choice for renters or anyone who changes their mind more than once a decade.

Nowadays, paper comes in self-adhesive varieties, so you don't have to wrestle with buckets, brushes, and sloppy, messy glue. If you can apply a sticker to your car's bumper, you can paper your walls.

It's Also Easy to Remove

If there's anything that is more difficult and annoying than papering your walls, it's -- you guessed it -- unpapering them. That process used to involve steaming, scraping, and very often, a lot of swearing, too.

Today's decorative paper can often be dry-stripped. It's not quite as easy as removing a sticker, but almost. This means that even renters can jazz up their space with appealing prints and patterns, secure in the knowledge that come moving time, it will be fairly easy to restore the walls to their original, landlord-friendly state.

You Can Clean It Without Much Fuss

Depending on your needs, look for either scrubbable or washable paper. As their names imply, these can be cleaned with soap, water, and minimal effort. In between cleanings, the wallpaper of today is actually pretty dirt- and grease-resistant -- perfect for people with kids, pets, or a fondness for throwing wild parties.

Today's Wallpaper Is Bold and Beautiful

Digital technology makes it easier than ever for manufacturers to print paper. The choices that are available would make homeowners of yesteryear green with envy (Sorry, Grandma!).

One stylish approach is to keep three walls neutral, but go all out with one accent wall. This can be a bold, repeating print, or a single image that will truly catch your visitors' eyes. Check out this gorgeous illustration from Alice in Wonderland for an example of how to make an accent wall shine!

It Makes Your Space Feel Special

Some experts have attributed the resurgence of wallpapering to the popularity of image-rich social media. And it's true that style bloggers, Instagram, and Pinterest have helped contribute to the comeback of papered walls.

At the heart of this trend, however, is individuality. Everyone wants their space to reflect their personality. That's a lot easier to do with prints or textured paper than with just paint.

Are You Ready to Paper Your Walls?

Feeling inspired to give your home a makeover with today's easy-care wallpapers? Need some advice on how to incorporate this gorgeous trend into your existing decor? Let us know in the comments!

And be sure to check out our wide selection of fun, fabulous paper, as well as furniture, to express your individual style.

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