If you can see this symbol AR 3D Icon Augmented Reality on Furniturestop  on any thumbnail on furniturestop it means that you are able to use the augmented reality in short AR functionality.

Experience 3D & augmented reality in purchasing the right sofa for your space.

How to use the AR 3D File to view the sofa in your place.

At Furniturestop.co.uk we have implemented AR functionality directly into the website, allowing users to access it through their phone's browser. This is to allow users to place virtual furniture models in their own homes using the camera on their phone.
Depending on the device you are using the experience may differ but the important aspects of scaling, moving and screen capturing the item you are shopping for, should be readily available in all modern Iphone or Android devices.

 On Iphone we recommend using Safari to easily access the VIEW IN YOUR SPACE feature.


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