Here on Furniturestop, we tend to tend to use “sofa” and “couch” interchangeably to visit the place wherever you may entertain friends or plop down with a blanket for a Netflix marathon. however do the 2 words extremely mean the identical thing? wherever did they are available from? And what, then, are a sofa and a loveseat?

Origin: The word “couch” comes from the French verb coucher, that interprets to “to lie.”

Distinction: None, really, between a couch and a settee. the sole distinction is within the connotation. folks tend to like the word couch once they’re talking a couple of casual, un-stuffy area. A “couch” may be a place to lie and veg out. sometimes 3 or a lot of cushions.

Origin: The word “sofa” originated from suffah, Associate in Nursing Arabic word that observed a wood or stone bench.

Distinction: once more, it’s regarding connotation here. most of the people use couch once they’re making an attempt to be fancy, or making an attempt to charge you a lot of at the salesroom. A “sofa” is a lot of of a correct place to take a seat than a lie-down couch.

An NPR article by Linton Weeks referred to as “The implanted which means Of The yank Sofa” options a good quote by Benjamin Parzybok, author of the novel Couch:

“The couch is that the thrash-able object at the middle of a well-used lounge, upon whose back toddlers straddle, whose cushions juvenile person become permanent fixtures, and which, at the tip of the day, when the kids are in bed, a pair may relax with a brief glass of bourbon.

“A sofa, on the opposite hand, sits below a trimly decorated painting and lives in an exceedingly house during which traffic passes it by. it'd be white, of course, or another color beggary for stain. And most of the people living at the house of a settee would be impermissible to take a seat upon it at just once or another.”

Origin: It’s wherever you sit once you’re dotty. It’s a mini-couch supposed for simply 2 folks to take a seat cozy along.

Distinction: It’s abundant shorter than a couch. sometimes 2 cushions.

Origin: The word “settee” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word setl, that was accustomed describe long benches with high backs and arms.

Distinction: a correct sofa ought to extremely have a high back Associate in Nursingd arms (like an extra-wide chair), however folks use the word to explain all manner of upholstered multi-seat furnishings, it seems. It’s shorter long than a settee, and typically includes a higher seat height.

Origin: It’s a couch, in sections.

Distinction: It’s a couch, in sections. sometimes 2 to four items that match along interchangeably and meet at a corner or angle (the “L” form and “U” shape).

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