February 21, 2019 2 min read

The sofa bed may be a workhorse of living accommodations living—a tried and true thanks to accommodate nightlong guests in even the tiniest home. They’re complicated items and also the market is filled with sensible and dangerous choices. Here’s our guide to buying a well-designed sofa bed to suit your area and your budget

Small, Medium, or Large?
Measure your space supported the dimensions of the convertible once open. You wish to form certain there’s enough area to well take the bed while not rearranging your whole living accommodations. In an exceedingly little area, you'll solely have area for a little twin convertible (generally measuring around 56 x 90 inches open) or perhaps a twin sleeper ottoman. A bigger area may well be able to accommodate a full sized sleeper (about 72 x 90 inches open) or a queen (about 84 x 90 open).

Check the Quality
The frame is essential to a sofa bed’s quality. Explore for a kiln-dried hardwood frame. Oven drying removes wet from the wood and stabilizes the frame to avoid cracking or distortion, therefore it’s particularly vital for a sofa bed with movable components. Sturdy metal frames can even work well for a lot of trendy styles. Mattress quality is equally vital. check for comfort by lying down on the pad within the store or, if you’re looking on-line, explore for reliable client reviews.

Budget Choices
Unless you’re shopping for used or searching for a small-scale sleeper ottoman, expect to pay a minimum of $1,000 for a high quality convertible. In our own way to save lots of cash is to shop for a daybed. Less complicated than a sofa  bed, a daybed is largely simply a pad with bolster pillows that may be used for sleeping or seating.


George Solomonides
George Solomonides

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