We all want to feel refreshed and invigorated from the moment we wake up and often the best way to achieve this is through taking the time to design a harmonised, peaceful and sleep-friendly environment

Designing a bedroom is difficult, we want it to look beautiful and stylish, while also being a practical and functional environment. So often we let bedrooms become dumping grounds for all of the items that we don’t want others to see, but having a cluttered and messy room can be counter-productive in helping you sleep. To get better, more restful sleep, don’t leave decorating your bedroom until last, prioritising the rooms that get seen first. Your bedroom should be your top priority, giving you a calming oasis that helps you to have restful, quality sleep.

As your bedroom is your own personal sanctuary, it can often be down to personal choice as to what is conducive to relaxation for you. While some may suggest a minimalist approach is better for sleep, having an empty room can cause some people to have anxiety. Here we look at some of the best ways to turn your bedroom into a relaxing haven, but remember, personal preference should be the overriding factor when designing your soothing oasis.

Choose Calming Colours

Studies have suggested that those with calming blue bedroom will sleep longer than those who decorate with other colours. Vibrant colours such as red, orange, yellow and bright green can cause excitement and energy which is not helpful when it is time for slumber. Instead try calming, dream-like colours such as grey, blue and mauve to create a spa-style sanctuary.

If there is a particular colour that helps you to feel calm, rested and peaceful then opt for this colour to make your bedroom suitable for your needs.

A Comfortable Mattress Is Essential

Depending on your sleep position and comfort levels, it is essential to choose the best mattress for your needs. Mattresses can be a very personal choice, and with options such as mattresses with springs, pocket springs or memory foam, you will be sure to find the ideal bed for your comfort and body position. Remember to replace your mattress regularly so that your body is given the support and comfort that it needs.

Eliminate Clutter

Having clothes scattered and objects haphazardly placed can create stress and worry before bed. By tidying everything away, you can begin your bedtime in a calm and relaxed manner. Choose a bed with storage or an ottoman bed as a stylish way to hide the junk. A tasteful footstool with a storage compartment is also useful for creating a calming and elegant atmosphere while secretly storing all of your belongings.

Create A Me-Time Corner

Bedrooms should be a place for you to unwind before sleep. Having a comfy armchair and footstool in the corner of your room is a great way to relax and curl up with a good book or favourite magazine before entering the land of nod. Add a warm, glowing lamp to the area for a cosy feel and watch how your quality of sleep improves.

Remember your bedroom should be your haven and so be indulgent in decorating it in a way that suits you and hopefully you’ll see your sleep quantity and quality improve.

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