With over 57% of people who say that stress at work caused them to feel unproductive and disengaged, avoiding sources of this is important.

Whether it's your office desk or your home workspace, your work desk is an area that should provide an environment that promotes productivity and creativity. It shouldn't cause you unnecessary stress.

However, if you find yourself constantly struggling to maintain the proper setting with all your work piling up, you can read these three simple steps.

Declutter Your Desk and Drawers

Nothing is more frustrating than looking at your desk and finding random items while trying to find your focus on more important tasks. Clutter clouds the mind and this interrupts with your workflow.

A way to fix this is to start gathering and sorting the items around your desk and cabinets. Yet, you may be asking yourself for the best ways to do this but we have your back.

Remove What You Don't Need

The first step on the path to a more productive work desk is separating your belongings into things you need and just straight up trash like that receipt of your takeout from the other day. Other items may be more difficult to gauge you can solve them by asking yourself, "Do I need this to work?"

Organize By Frequency of Use and Importance

After you've removed items that you don't need, the next step if organizing items by how often you use them. It's recommended that you organize the "priority" pile with items that you use at least every three days and with items that are critical to your work.

Organize by Category

The rest of the items you haven't added to your "priority" stack should get sorted by categories. We suggest that you organize your office supplies but type but how you want to sort this part is totally up to you.

Place the Items in the Appropriate Areas

You may be asking yourself what was the whole point of sorting your desk and it's totally understandable. When you organize by how often you use an item, it allows you to place them in areas of your desk that are more accessible to you, which is effective even in a small workspace. This leaves the rest of the items that you don't often use to go in cabinets and shelves, available for you need them.

Maintaining Your Work Desk Area

Lastly, as the most important step, you should keep this system as a habit. The purpose of the previous steps is to ensure that, when you grab items that you frequently use, you don't make a mess of all of your items meaning that you only have to fix your "priority" area most of the time.

What Are You Waiting For?

Throughout this guide, you've seen the importance of reducing the stressful work area by having an organized desk. Of course, another key factor is having the best desk for work, one that caters to all these needs.

Do you want to know more about how to improve your workspace? Are you looking for the right desk for your office space?

Visit us now and we can help you get the optimal desk for your needs!

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