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Gel Coil Matrah Mattress


The Matrah Gel Coil Mattress utilises two different mattress technologies to ensure the best night̥s sleep possible. Using both an open coil spring unit and a Gel-Lex foam top layer means you are provided support and comfort in equal measure. The coil spring unit works to offer spinal support whilst you sleep, and the way that it is structured allows for minimal roll together. The layer of Gel-Lex foam that sits on top guarantees a sumptuous sleeping surface, with the innovative foam allowing for the mattress to match your body shape which in turn prevents pressure point discomfort and support to vital areas. When combined with the luxurious quilted cover, you̥re left with a refreshing, hypoallergenic mattress designed to give you restful sleep.

    • Gel Coil Matrah Mattress
    • Assembly Required: No
    Product Dimensions:
    • Small Single (H-22 x L-190 x W-75CM)
    • Single (H-22 x L-190 x W-90CM)
    • Small Double (H-22 x L-190 x W-120CM)
    • Double (H-22 x L-190 x W-135CM)
    • King Size (H-22 x L-200 x W-150CM)
    • Super King (H-22 x L-200 x W-180CM)
    • 12 months Factory Warranty

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