3D Wall Clock- DIY with Acrylic Mirror Stickers Home Decoration

Set of Acrylic Mirror Wall Clock with a Quartz motivity type, designed and suitable for a flat surface application

The traditional wall clocks remain in the past and the evolution of interior design has come to a point where each home demands a custom touch... even in the way owners see time. Help your room stand out, with this creative addition on its wall. Deliverable areas >Here<

    • Some Easy steps assembly is required (see pictures).
    • Clearly, convey the message of a unique place to everyone
    • Cheer up every time you see time differently
    • Clock machine: 10cm/ 3.9"
    • Sticker material: EVA Foam (Ethylene vinyl acetate)
    • Battery: 1.5V AA battery(1 piece)
    Product Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 1000mm
    • Various Custom Diameters Can Be Achieved: Yes
    • Acrylic Sheet: 9mm
    • Minute Hand: 39cm/15.3''
    • Hour Hand: 31.5cm/12.4''

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