We are a seasoned team of furniture people trained in the furniture & homewares industry with the “know how” and the “where from” carved on our skill base.
The high street furniture outlets that focus on designer & established brands give consumers an expensive deal. It became common knowledge that setting up a modern looking, cozy home has to sacrifice a lifetime’s savings.

This is where we come in !

Rebellious as it seems; we had the dream were customers would have access to a ''one stop'' Furniture & Home-ware online store and would be able to pick between meticulous designs with affordable price-tags.


Furniture & Homewares as many other products have a long supply chain from the stage of raw materials until getting to the final destination, your Livingroom or Bedroom.

The £1500 corner sofa you have just bought included £250 tax, £490 margin to the high street retailer, out of which £75 was the commission to the sales executive £130 margin to the wholesaler £130 margin to the stockist, £100 margin to the factory. Other expenses in a supply chain are the logistics like warehousing and delivery of the items from the factory to the stockist to the end customer. What about the raw materials the labour the office costs the administration and the customer service people?
Can you avoid all of the above costs? A Straight up NO, but let’s change the question. Can you shorten the supply chain massively? We surely did and will continue to do so, to continue creating what we have dreamed of, happy customers that purchased what they loved, saved lots and want to spread the word to their peers.



In the background, we have built-in ‘’bridge’’ operations that allow us to avoid physical stores and middlemen. We are just obsessed with sourcing beautiful furniture cutting out the hassle at a suitable price.

If pricing is King then quality is Queen. And Design? That’s the Prince. And the three need each other to be complete. We have worked with many makers and have gained priceless experience. Sourcing products without one of the three core ingredients will not break through to people’s hearts or homes. Modern, comfortable, affordable yet time lasting furniture are the main focus points we highlight in our acquisition of new lines or when testing existing ones.

More than 17 thousand homes in the United Kingdom have purchased an item from FurnitureStopUK Ltd up to date. Our various Home Furniture ranges from sofas, beds, mattresses and much more homewares; allow you to choose the right furniture at the most affordable prices by cutting costs of the traditional supply chain.
We have been around since 2007 as sole traders. Since then we have evolved in our operations by realizing that the only way forward is a customer focused business plan. We are consumers as well and we are always drawing our expectations in our procedures.
We have now reached the point where we sent out about 800 orders per month. Looking forward to 1000.
Handling the logistics of bulky items like furniture is no easy game and thus we have internally a complex operations system to enable us to be as flexible and as effective as possible.

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