When you purchase a sofa it’s necessary to make sure it'll work tho' your door, up the steps and thru hallways. Affirmative it’s all terribly exciting selecting your dream suite, however that dream might be shattered quite simply if the one that you love new sofa won't work through your front door! This guide below ought to be ready to facilitate your with working out whether or not your sofa are able to slot in your home.

First you would like to live the scale of your lounge. All of our suites have the scale listed on our website or if you're future our useful staff continually have a tapeline handy.

Measure the height (H), Width (W), Depth (D) and Diagonal Depth (DD) of your lounge as all of those are required for you to work out the most effective thanks to get your new sofa into your home.

This is the key mensuration required once you go piece of affordable home furniture looking because it will offer you the parameters for the sofas that you'll be able to opt for and can work into your home.

First measure the height (H) – from the bottom level to the bottom purpose of the door frame. Then the width  (W) of your door and make sure that there isn’t something obstructing the trail to the entryway.

There are three ways in which to tackle the front door:

Option 1
Open the door as wide as you'll be able to and if the width of the door is bigger than the height or depth of the lounge then you're smart to go!

Option 2
Carry the lounge in upright. For this feature you'll have to make sure the height of the entryway is bigger than the width of the lounge. Additionally make sure that you've got enough area in your hall to manoeuvre the suite into your living area.

Option 3
Still struggling? You'll be able to use the diagonal depth (DD) therefore the lounge can undergo the door manner at an angle. This dimension should be but the width of your entryway.


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