Add a spruce of colour with your furniture

If you’re looking to spend a lot of time in your garden then don’t hesitate to brighten it up. Buy a neutral outdoor seating set and pick out one bright colour that you like, such as orange, and add different patterned cushions with that base colour. Try not to pick green if you have lots of plants; pick something that complements the grass and the plants around you.

Never underestimate the power of extra storage and seating

If you don’t have a lot of space in your garden then this tip is perfect for you! Instead of buying a garden seating set, try out a sturdy wooden crate, painted to match your fence, with a blanket and a few cushions. It can provide seating and storage, which means the cushions and blanket can stay dry in the winter!

Turn an old kiddie pool into a planter

Anything of your children’s can be repurposed when they get too big for it, make a big planter from an old pool which they’ve grown out of. Paint it up, fill it with soil and seeds and you’re ready to go. Bonus tip: repurpose wellies and boots that are too small for them by cleaning them out and making an indoor flower pot, or turn that old pan and cupcake tin into small plant holders after painting them up.

Grow your own produce

‘Nothing like home grown’. Food from your own garden always seems to taste that little bit better, because you know that you put the effort in and you made it happen. It’s a good way to save money on your grocery shop even though you’re getting more fruit and veg, while adding a bit of purpose to your garden. It could be a good conversation starter at garden parties and BBQ’s and could teach your kids about the water cycle, photosynthesis and the biology of plants. Growing your own produce has a number of benefits which can be found anywhere on the internet.

Be imaginative!

The only limit to your garden space is the way that you see it. If you think of something which could make your garden space look and feel brilliant, then do it! Add some trellis on top of your fences or against your walls and plant as many coloured plants as you want, it’s your garden and you can do anything!


Bethanie Woods

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