What is made of glass and has sharp edges that can potentially be a hazard in your home?

I'm not talking about the bathroom mirror.

I'm referring to your family coffee table.

It's estimated that 20,000 people visit the emergency room for injuries sustained from glass furniture. Most of those people are children. While style and aesthetics are great, safety and functionality are important when you have small children.

Having little ones doesn't mean that your home has to look like a playroom. You can have a beautifully styled coffee table in your living room AND have small children.

Check out these tips to ensure your coffee table is kid friendly.

Curved Edges

Steer clear of sharp edges. Find tables with curved edges. When your small children are running, it's much safer to have a curved edge table in case they fall.

Say No to Glass

Those startling statistics should be enough to eliminate the glass tables from your home. Kids are curious and adventurous. Eliminate the risk of broken glass from falls or jumping by replacing your glass coffee table. You could replace the glass piece with another material like distressed wood or replace the table altogether.

Round Coffee Table

It's impossible to totally prevent accidents in the home. You can, however, keep injuries from being too severe. Having round tables means no sharp edges for little ones to fall into.

Consider a Foot Stool

A footstool can be a beautiful alternative to a traditional coffee table. Footstools or ottomans can make a room look stylish and chic while still protecting small children from injuries. Depending on the size of your living room, you could use two smaller footstools in the space.

Storage Space

A coffee table isn't just a place to sit your coffee. You can get one with storage space. It's also a great place to store everything from remotes to books to kids toys. This can be a table that opens up like a chest, has doors or an open space beneath for baskets or trays.

Rubber Cushions

There are circumstances when you can not afford to buy a new, more kid-friendly coffee table or refurbish the one you have. You can still childproof the one you do have by adding rubber cushions to the corners. These are easy to install and an affordable option to keep your small children safe.

Looking for easy ways to style your new, kid-friendly coffee table?

You can easily make your coffee table look beautiful and chic.

  • Add your favorite kid books
  • Beautiful family photo books
  • An eye-catching basket or bowl that you can fill with blocks or classic, vintage toys like spinning tops
  • Coloring books with a cute basket filled with coloring pencils

Ready to Prepare a Kid-Friendly Space

Making your living room safe for small children doesn't have to be a difficult task.

Contact us today and check out more tips on choosing kid-friendly living room furniture.

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